• October 26 2019: Congress Polyvagal Therory.How to create Autonomic Balance with HRV and Safe Sound Protocol, Amsterdam
  • June 30-July 2 2015: presentation Kees Blase Efficacy of HRVbiofeedback in stressrelated disorders TelAviv, Israel Stress & Anxiety Research
  • June 24-27, 2013: On Becoming Emotionally Regulated in Amsterdam, with prof Stephen Porges, prof Bessel vd Kolk, prof Sue Carter  click here
  • June 10, 2011: Dysfuncional Emotion Regulation in Utrecht with prof Bessel vd Kolk, prof Julian Ford, prof Onno van der Hart, Annemiek van Dijke en dr Ellert Nijenhuis. click here
  • 17 november 2008: seminar with prof Stephen W.Porges: Love or Trauma, How our responses to proximity and touch are mediated by natural mechanisms;  Polyvagal theory, psychiatric diseases, autism, PTSD, depression and stressrelated behavioural problems. Rode Hoed, Amsterdam (download english 
  • 24 februari 2009: presentation Kees Blase “Basic course Resilience with HRV” at conference Biofeedback FoundationEurope: (download
  • 26 februari 2009: presentation Kees Blase “Healing and selfregulation of emotions by HRV” at conferente Biofeedback Foundation Europe (download)