Effects of heartcoherence in education in the Netherlands

Successes on Dutch schools with Heart Intelligence
In the Netherlands more than 20 schools showed remarkable success in the new learning method of Heart Intelligence, presented by Kees Blase of the National Centre for Schoolimprovement.
With HRV- biofeedback instruments pupils can train their heart rhythm to create cardiac coherence, with very positive effects:            

  • maintain emotional clarity in the midst of chaos
  • lower stress hormones
  • reduction of test anxiety
  • authentic choices

On twenty Dutch schools projects on Heart Intelligence teachers and remedial teachers work with this heart intelligence. The results were amazingly:
1. Students with learning anxiety make major steps using heart coherence. They express to be very happy to be able to manage their fear. They are not any more aroused by the emotion, and say they can handle the emotion.
2. Social emotional education and stressmanagement. Students applying HeartFocus say they feel better, they can see situations more relative, they can control themselves in anger and other strong emotions.
A boy of 14 often had strikes of being outrageous. After HeartMath training the conflicts with his father decreased, and he did not start quarreling any more. “I now have a tool in my backpack to manage my rage´ (AccentCollege, Vlaardingen)
“I quickly get into quarrel, and if I quarrel I am outrageous. Now I go to the heart computer, than I feel better, I become more quiet and can manage myself”(student Goudse Waarden, Gouda)

3. Deeper contact with yourself and with other people Students with a mental disease like to do HeartFocus . Their eyes start shining, they can share their emotions better, and make extremely more positive contact with other students since they use HeartFocus (ROC Westerschelde, Zorg en Welzijn, Terneuzen)
4. Students with chaotic mind patterns can now concentrate much better.
  • “I had problems with concentration and became ill with exams and tests. Now, using HeartMath my performance is even on the level of 9 and 10 (pupil Fabritiusschool, Hilversum).
  • “I have more energy” and “My head feels relaxed and nice empty” (LWOO pupils of Daltonschool Helen Parkhurst, Almere). 

5. Improvement of performance
  • Improvement of writing (primary school Et Buut)
  • Pupils start reading more fluently
  • Spelling and reading improve a lot and quickly ( Laurentiusschool, Delft)
  • Reading Score has increased from 0,8 till 2,4 in 6 weeks (primary school Rotterdam)
When pupils are not stressed, and in a heart coherent state they learn so much easier. HeartFocus should be obligatory for all primary schools. This will give a lot of improvement in our education.
(Michele Mosch, teacher Laurentiusschool)
How did it work?
Students were trained with HRV-biofeedback  in the classroom, where they saw their heart rhythm on the screen of the computer, the heart rate variability. Hooked up with an optic earsensor, measuring the width of the blood vessel. Students make the waterfall flowing on the screen when they reach cardiac coherence, colours are appearing the more heart coherence arises.
Students, teachers and principals love seeing their own heart rhythm on the screen, and most of them are able to influence their heart rhythm to coherence in a few days. They feel they can  influence their own body, regulate their emotion and their clear thinking.
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